Our Founder

Nataliya Herington came up with the idea when she was training to be a kid’s yoga instructor.

Looking around her class she saw utilitarian slabs of uninspiring pink rubber.

Maliya launched in 2019 with the belief that yoga mats provide the perfect canvas for creative expression.

Now with two of her own little yogi’s in tow, she is passionate about combining function with aesthetics to create the highest quality yoga mats for mums and kids.

Whilst neutral tones have become a “thing” in recent days, our mats use colour and imperfect patterns to stimulate imagination and engage the senses. We believe the daily practise of yoga is to be enjoyed, not endured. We are influenced by culturally-rich
travel destinations and celebrate creativity that can be found all around us.

Passionate about modern Australian design, Maliya collaborates with talented Australian artists, all of whom bring a unique
quality to their work. The result is beautifully crafted yoga mats that invite fun, playfulness and creativity into the daily practice!


The Artist

Natalie Martin is a local Australian artist and graphic designer based on the surf coast of Victoria.
She loves to get her hands dirty and bring a little joy to the every day.

Using loose flowing watercolours she has developed a unique collection of contemporary designs exclusively for Maliya.